VR3 Phono Preamplifier

Vinyl remains the audiophile’s medium of choice. After years of hibernation, Vendetta Research is back. Now is the time for a new Vendetta phono preamp. Last produced in 1991, the Vendetta SCP-2 is still regarded by many as one of the best phono preamps ever made.

Building on that tradition of excellence, Vendetta Research is proud to introduce the VR3.

Designed by John Curl, the VR3 is completely dual mono from the phono inputs to the actively regulated, separately housed power supplies. The highest quality discrete components are used throughout, and each channel is servo-controlled, allowing the removal of all capacitors from the audio signal path.

Every effort has been made to achieve the most linear open loop circuitry possible. The symmetrical cascode pre-preamplifier stage consists of a direct coupled push-pull complementary FET folded cascode pair that is effectively a single stage of amplification. The RIAA equalization is completely passive, located between the first and second stage. The second stage is an all FET complementary symmetrical folded cascode FET design, also operating without overall global feedback. FETs were chosen because they are inherently quieter than tubes, which is a great advantage in a low noise phono stage. The output is through both single ended RCA and balanced XLR connectors.

The VR3 is specifically designed for the latest moving coil cartridges. The input loading is continuously variable between 10 ohms and 200 ohms and may be set to any impedance up to 47K ohms. Overall gain can also be changed to match the output level of today’s moving coil cartridges.

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CTC Builders
Information on the CTC Blowtorch preamplifier can be found here.
The CTC Blowtorch is no longer made. Service is available through Vendetta Research.
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